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Top secret of the day

Good morning ! 🙂


my story for today is that I ‘m still awake from yesterday and thinking of something… l

well I know that 99% of you want to know what I was thinking of !

actually, Um gonna tell you 😀

but initially, I ‘ll be happy if you cooperate with we understand the message behind this story

“when I came to life, “of course someone could not change his/her parents” I found my dad always blaming me for just simple mistakes I ‘ve done already and this thought comes and goes away in different periods of my life, deeply thinking of the future of relation between us”

doubtless, there’s a small percentage of parents who ‘s freaking selfish and cares only about them selves.

unfortunately, one of them is my f…ther :/     

few minutes later I was watching to “Hansel and Gretel” the movie,


in summary it talks about the relation between the father and his sons / daughters and the drop in this relation and it’s consequences 

the problem is some parents don’t have good communication skills to know how to deal with their kids or in the society in genera.

eventually, they FAIL 

that’s theory number -> (1)

 when I ‘m deeply thinking about how to solve it and how to fix this relation because we ‘re talking ONE FAMILY needs to be united 

I ‘m checking up to new posts on Facebook and other social networks 

I accidentally found this in Arabic letters on Facebook


and simply it talks about an FB page admin asks from fans to write a percentage of your love to your father !! :O I shocked and had no idea … 

theory Number ->(2)

“you are surrounding with what you think of on your mind !! “

I need your help on how to handle my father in real life situations ! 

waiting for your replies