Ultras Business


Egypt… lack of resources, but an endless presence of Human resources and endless creativity of the people … let’s unleash our power, let’s unite and build our country, let’s work and fight the unemployment by introducing new opportunities ! let’s Ultras Business

Ultras Business is a Youth Initiative” for fostering Creativity.
our mission is:
-giving interest to the graduated students and improve their skills and so decrease the gap between their academic 
-introducing entrepreneurship as an employment option.
-create and increase all the available opportunities for the unemployed people and invest in the unemployed resources.
-creating, developing new business ideas and solve more problems with both scientific and business experience.
-spread the public awareness about internet business and holding new business operations and concepts such as : Direct selling, Social media marketing, SEO… etc
– perform as an active member with the charitable organizations and support it with all resources
-we hope to target 1000000 one million Egyptian youth as a successful entrepreneur in the first 5 years of the organization’s efforts and both technical and business”non-technical” training
Checkup our page: -> https://www.facebook.com/ultrasbusiness1
Blog: -> UltrasBusiness.wordpress.com

-> support our project from here

مصر …نقص فى الموراد الطبيعيه…مع وجود غير محدود للموارد البشريه و ابداع غير محدود … بالعلم والعمل بالاستثمار فى الطاقه البشريه و تدريبها و دعمها و توفير فرص أفضل للعمل و تحقيق تكافؤ الفرص بدون تمييز
مساعدتك فى تكوين رؤيه عمليه ناجحه هى مهمتنا الررئيسيه (your vision …our mission)و بدعم من كبرى شركات الاستثمار و المؤسسات للقضاء على البطاله و استبدالها بمجتمع متنامى من رواد الأعمال الناجحين و القادرين على الاتصال المباشر بالسوق و هكذا الاهتمام بالغير خريجين و الخريجين الذين فاتهم فرصه الحصول على وظيفه فى ظل مجتمع رأسمالى يعتمد عمليات غير ناضجه و محترمه لتوظيف الاشخاص و التفاعل معهم


Amr Abdel-Aziz

Ceo & Founder, Ultras Business 



About amr2008

Welcome there, Amr Abdel-Aziz, CEO Founder, Ultras Business "لنكن التغيير الذي نريد أن نراه فى العالم"

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