The Secret

Hi there, today as all of you see that I’m not going to present a new idea because the name is so clear “the secret” which means that we ‘re going to extract something very old and valuable , it’s the secret , “Law Of Attraction” and how to be wealthy
The Secret book is magically my mind. “Law of attraction” is totally attract me, it’s also teaching me the best way to go. Decide what u want, what u don’t want, focus on what you want and take away the things you don’t want. “Thought likes things” “Match frequency” It’s true.
watch the secret and decide how to apply it into your own life !
thanks for sharing your time
for more info about the secret comment and contact with me
Amr Abdel-Aziz


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  1. decide what you want , believe you deserve it , believe you can have it and then close your eyes for several minutes and visualise your dream come out of that and focus on what you ‘re great for already and really be enjoyed

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