Get better soon Buddy


Hi everybody ,how ‘re things ?! I ‘ m at work now however, I ‘m anxious to write this article for my Bud “Thomas Maxuell” my Canadian  bud I knew him just one month later But he extremely changed my way of blogging and thinking about the future with a new slogan brought to me by him 


“work less … live more ” #ProjectAWOL 😀


During his journey to Thailand he told me on  “skayb” he’s faced an accident and went to hospital because of a lol motorcycle accident as he said 😉

anyway he told me it was incredible and I really which he could get better soon and have a nice time 

I ‘ll try to come to you this summer holiday and half one week visit to your home and come back with you to Egypt 🙂 

Thanks Bud #LifeLongBuddies



About amr2008

Welcome there, Amr Abdel-Aziz, CEO Founder, Ultras Business "لنكن التغيير الذي نريد أن نراه فى العالم"

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