10 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote an Event


#1 Video: Do not just do video… Talk to the person watching the video… Especially introduce people who will be at the event.. Super critical to lower social anxiety.. And of course show the venue, map it, and provide tips on parking and sneak in specials or expected delightful surprises.. 


#2 Prizes Yes, Tickets no.. If you want people to come do not offer tickets for free. Either they have value or not.. Prizes for just showing up.. or each ticket gets you a chance to Win, absolutely! 

#3 G+ Ads Sure… But then work that G+ page on keywords as well.. But if you do not have an established G+ account this is a waste.. As it will show you have 4 people +1’s 

#4 Interview Presenters? Heck, create Presenter Packages that incentivize speakers, from doing interviews, to press packets, to awards to speakers for just speaking. If you have a community this is critical… As for a podcast? It takes time to create, get subscribers, and if you are doing a Video, put the special content in that… 

#5 Tips blog? This is where we enter Content Marketing. I would suggest a PDF or digital print page. If the event is live person, having a document is better than a long blog format. Also, tips are great putting that into a program guide that creates immense credibility and decreases cancellations 

#6 Speaker Graphic? This goes back to the Press Kit for speakers I mentioned already.. 

#7Create a Tweet for Attendees… Keep in mind not everyone is a big Twitter follower. But having Foursquare, Yelp, Twitter, Meetup, Linkedin, and etc sharing and posting is critical. Keep in mind how you direct registration (See below #9) As for those using it to follow the event, I would again question if that is effective for your audience and your own time to man it.. 

#8 Twitter Widget? Again, Twitter is not on everyone’s radar… While it may have millions of sign-ups, many do not use it regularly.. Social Share widget is best use case… 

#9 Facebook Events.. Hmmm.. Keep in mind, that as you spread out on multiple social touch points, you may be spreading out how one perceives who is going. Say you use Eventbrite and Facebook. On your site 1,000 people sign up using Eventbrite. But only 11 followers sign-up on Facebook? To your facebook fans your event looks like a dud… Take time to insure linkage of all social sign-ons… 

#10 Facebook Ads are always a safe bet for those with money to burn. But many non-profits will not want to spend money to make money… So I would recommend looking for targeted communities that would benefit from the event. There are numerous angles to this from honoring specific communities, to discounts, to headlining those community leaders… 

Hope this is helpful, as the initial article is a bit thin on real world strategies..


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