How to handle a social media crisis?

Cairo- Amr Abdel-Aziz – Social Media Specialist

Media Crisis can face any business especially smaller one without the benefit of a great volume of social  activity or reviews, negative comments from followers may seem to be crises!


social media crisis

Here, we will talk about how to handle a Social Media crisis based on a ground experience, but let us define what is a “Social Media Crisis“?

Social media crises are always there and you have to handle them to protect your brand image. Sometimes they are preventable and avoidable, while other times they are completely outside your control. Yet once a crisis comes to surface, you have to move into crisis management mode!
Handling a crisis on social media using traditional crisis management steps, such as releasing a statement by a public relations,but it will not work because people on social media need tangible reaction not just a statement of apologize.

Here are some ways in which you can help manage a social media crisis:

Step 1. Admit that there’s an issue via a statement on your blog or website.
Step 2. Share this admission on your social channels.
Step 3. Update your social channels regularly even if you don not have a solution yet “We’re working on the problem”.
Step 4. Have a team devoted to listen around the clock for new issues that may arise. Empower them to respond as necessary.
Step 5. Listen to how people are reacting to the initial crisis and base your response on that.
Step 6. Answer questions and explain the issue. Educate and go beyond “We’re sorry”
Step 7. Transparency! There’s no such thing as being too honest.
Step 8. Listen to how people are reacting to your responses and update your further responses on that.
Step 9. Listen to the entire web, not just Facebook and Twitter.
Step 10. Create an open forum. Don’t block Facebook posts or make your Twitter handle private.
Step 11. Reach out individually to influences. Explain the situation so that they can blog your response to their audience.
Step 12. Speak in simple terms (not a corporate terms).
Step 13. Tag people on Facebook, mention people on Twitter, respond directly to users on forums, etc. Make sure you are responding to people individually, as many as you can, to truly show you care.
Step 14. Report on the social media mentions, engagement, etc. with social media monitoring tools.
Step 15. Once the issue is resolved, take a look back and write a case study on the experience.

And always keep in mind, a comment on social media can cause a crisis – Be yourself and don’t press enter without considering what will that cause? If you faced a social media crisis, try to use these steps and share with us if it works for your business or no


Amr Abdel-Aziz

Social Media Specialist and internet security advisor at IIC Egyptian Steel 


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